I am located in Peoria, Illinois and work with individuals and businesses throughout Illinois. I specialize in valuation services, including business valuations and income calculations, forensic accounting services, including expert witness testimony, litigation support, and insurance claim support.

I provide accounting expertise that places my clients in a position of knowledge and strength in any negotiation or transaction.

In any client engagement, I follow the same basic process:

  1. Develop a complete understanding of the client’s facts and circumstances.
  2. Conduct relevant and meaningful accounting research.
  3. Perform an analysis that fits the specific facts and circumstances and the needs of the client.
  4. Communicate results of my analysis to the client in an agreed upon format.
  5. Provide on-going support to the client, as needed.

Each step of this process is tailored to fit each client’s specific situation. It is this tailored approach that is the key to an exceptional final work product, whether that be a valuation or calculation report, forensic findings report, expert testimony, etc. I look forward to working closely with you to provide valuable recommendations specific to your unique situation.



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