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A business valuation establishes a worth for a business or partial interest in a private business. Private businesses make up a significant part of our economy, ranging from hair salons to parts manufacturers and medical practices to farming operations. The majority of valuation clients are in one of three situations:

(1) Anticipating a future sale of a full or partial interest in the business.

(2) Filing an estate or gift tax return where a closely-held business is a significant asset.

(3) Building support for a legal case, such as a divorce, partnership dispute, or dissenting shareholder action.

In each of these three situations, obtaining a professional business valuation provides an advantage to every client.

I am accredited in business valuation (ABV) by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.  I am located in Peoria, Illinois and specialize in full business valuations, as well as other valuation services such as calculations, throughout Illinois.

For more information on what a business valuation entails, please follow this link to, “What is a Business Valuation?“.